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Yoni Steam Therapy

Experience the ancient and rejuvenating practice of Yoni Steam Therapy

      Yoni steaming has been used for centuries by women around the world to support menstrual health, fertility, and overall well-being. Our yoni steam treatments are designed to promote intimate wellness and relaxation, helping you connect with your inner self while nourishing your body. 

Why Yoni Steam Therapy ?

Helps regulate menstrual cycles, reduce cramps, and ease bloating.

Promotes a healthy uterine environment, which can support fertility.

Aids in postpartum healing by reducing swelling and promoting tissue repair.

Assists in the detoxification of the vaginal area by promoting blood circulation.

Provides a calming and meditative experience, reducing stress and anxiety.

Enhances moisture and toning of the vaginal tissues, contributing to a more satisfying intimate life.


  • Yoni Steam Therapy

    25 Minutes

  • Yoni Steam Therapy

    35 Minutes

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